Can you trust your data?

What if the data, code, or algorithms you rely on couldn't be trusted?
What would be at risk without authenticity? Don't fall prey to #fakedata

PencilDATA provides tamper-proof authenticity for your important digital records, software, and data.

Use Cases Include:

  • AI/ML – Models, datasets, decisions
  • Automotive – Software, Events, Configs
  • Education – Academic records, research
  • Healthcare – R&D, trials, medical devices
  • Insurance – Claims processing, compliance
  • Manufacturing – Designs, robotics, sensors
  • Marketing/Ad Tech – Opt-in proof, content
  • Smart Cities – Devices, Data, Infrastructure

    …and many more! 
     Contact us for more information.
  • API-based, works consistently across your diverse teams, platforms, and technologies
  • Connect your first system in minutes with our easy to follow docs and code samples
  • Supports all of your digital assets (code, configs, docs, files, algos, models, APIs, datasets, etc.)
  • Generous free-tier of service so you can get started with no risk
  • Grows with you as a globally scalable cloud-based solution with utility pricing
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